Spring TIDCA Meetings – Previous Years

2024: Chet Schutte, Rochester, NY and his carving associates  (slide presentation available)

2023:  (slide presentation available)

  • Donald C. Davis – new information
  • Kenneth I. Harris – new information
  • Decoys from marked hunting rigs:
    • C.A.DUKE rig
    • PAT H rig
    • HALL rig
    • rig
    • Red Triangle rig
  • Decoys by another unknown maker

2021 & 2022 spring meetings cancelled due to the corona virus pandemic.

2020:  (slide presentation available)

  • Lou Britton, Alexandria Bay
  • Ross Russell, Fishers Landing
  • Hiram Wiswell, Clayton
  • Norm Jones, Watertown
  • DoVille family, Sodus Bay

2019:  (slide presentation available)

  • Robert J. (Bob) Belyea, Potsdam
  • Robert Hunter, Hammond, and Robert G. Hunter, Brownville and Chaumont
  • Gove families, Alexandria Bay and Chippewa Bay, with emphasis on Robert W. (Bob) Gove, Chippewa Bay
  • Brief introduction – Theodore M. (Ted) Denny, Watertown

2018:  (slide presentation available)

  • Updates and new information
  • Patterson families
  • Davis families
  • Brief review – Gove families
  • Introduction – Massey families
  • Oliver Hunt

2017:  (slide presentation available)

  • Gareth Service, Alexandria Bay, NY
  • Patterson families
    • Chancy and Charles Patterson
    • decoys attributed to other Pattersons
    • Wellesley Island branch
    • Alexandria Bay branch
    • photos of Patterson decoys

2016: (slide presentation available)

  • Hollis family, Ogdensburg, NY
  • Hunter Grimes, Alexandria Bay, NY
  • Newly available photographs of some area makers including Mike Wavercak, Ed Sweet, Ralph Simpson, Alton Gove, Ivan Delair, Lawrence LaFlair, Bill Aiken, Bob Massey, James Stanley, Frank Louis, Sam Denny, and Fairman Davis.

2015: (slide presentation available)

  • Fairman Sampie Sutton and the Davis Family
  • Donald Morley and the Morley and Dishaw families
  • hollow vintage hunting decoys from the Thousand Islands area

2014: Lesser Known Carvers of the Thousand Islands – Part 5 (slide presentation available)

  • Edward and Edgar Rheome, Ogdensburg/Black Lake
  • Frank Clark, Clayton – a review of known examples of his decoys
  • Ed and Bob Dingman, Alexandria Bay – known and possible examples of their carvings
  • John J. Bertrand, Clayton
  • James Montrose Hungerford, Clayton

2013: Lesser Known Carvers of the Thousand Islands – Part 4 (slide presentation available).

  • Andrew Seymour, Clayton
  • Manley Rusho, Clayton/Grindstone Island
  • Patterson Family and the Wellesley Island carvers
  • Black Lake carvers – Ivan Delair, Apple family, Ed Rheome, Bloodough Family, Elijah Hyatt, and Bill Constantine

2012: (slide presentation available)

  • hunting Decoys of Upstate New York
  • lesser known carvers part 3
  • William Barlow, Clayton
  • Two Unknown Carvers from the 1000 Islands Area

2011: Lesser Known Carvers of the Thousand Islands – Part 2 (slide presentation available)

  • an update of the five carvers or families presented in 2010, plus
  • Francis “Roy” Stanley, Cape Vincent
  • Ray Rogers Alexandria Bay
  • Clair Snyder, Alexandria Bay

2010: Lesser Known Carvers of the Thousand Islands – Part 1 (slide presentation available)

  • George Oliver, Watertown
  • Frank Clark, Clayton
  • Lawrence Jones, Alexandria Bay
  • William Burtch, Alexandria Bay
  • Dingman family, Alexandria Bay

2008: Frank Coombs, Alexandria Bay, NY (slide presentation available)

2007: Roy Conklin, Alexandria Bay, NY (slide presentation available)

2006: Stevens brothers, Weedsport, NY

2005: Ken Harris Woodville, NY

2002 and 2004: Sam Denny, Clayton, NY (handout available)

2001: Chauncey Wheeler, Alexandria Bay, NY (handout available)

Also available:

Future write-ups about various St. Lawrence River carvers are planned, and will be added to the list of available handouts and presentations when available.