Pave the Way for History in Archive Alley!

The Thousand Islands Museum’s Paver Project is underway with numerous engraved pavers already in place.

Engraved historic pavers may be purchased in memory or honor of a loved one or that special someone in your life  and placed in “Archive Alley” connecting Riverside Drive and James Street.

There are two sizes  5 1/2″ x 8″ at a cost of $250 and 11” x 11” at a cost of $500 each to be installed by a local contractor. This ongoing project is available all year long for those interested in ‘paving the way for history’!


Paver Form

The Thousand Islands Museum has started “Archive Alley” with old vintage business signs from the Thousand Islands Region already part of the museum’s collection. “Archive Alley” will develop into a collage of yesterday’s memories with Clayton’s old masterpieces. Anyone wishing to include an old Clayton business sign should contact the Thousand Islands Museum at 686-5794 or

Designated Funds Campaign ~ The partnership between the museum and our many friends and members has always been the foundation on which the Thousand Islands Museum’s success has been built. This friendship has resulted in many donations to the museum by individuals and organizations alike. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our friends for their generous support.The Thousand Islands Museum is much more than just a warehouse of archives and artifacts. As the trustees of the Thousand Islands Region heritage, held in public trust, we safeguard the answers from the past. Whether it’s who lived where and when, or what were these buildings used for. Families, businesses and organizations are an important part of our community. The Thousand Islands Museum is preserving their stories for future generations.

Your continued support of our mission assures the future of our collection. Our current fund raising is focusing on raising money to install an elevator. Please be an active part in our continuing success. If further details are required, we invite you to stop in for a report or call us at 315-686-5794.